AVPN Report: “Asian investors still fall behind their global counterparts in the take-up rate of ESG Investing”

According to a new report launched by Asian Venture Philanthropy Network and consultancy Oliver Wyman at the 6th AVPN Conference held in Singapore,  “Asian investors still fall behind their global counterparts in the take-up rate of ESG Investing – this low take-up rate is indicative of a less mature ESG Investing environment, but can also be attributed to legacy issues, short-termism, lack of awareness, and talent gaps.”

However, the report stated that “the mindsets and perceptions of Asian investors toward ESG Investing are changing owing to the wide sharing of successful ESG Investing-related experiences. Moreover, regulators and institutional investors are increasingly committing to internationally recognised principles for ESG Investing and national stewardship codes.”

The AVPN Conference brings together the largest group of social investors in Asia who are all working to address the complex challenges facing Asia despite the region’s strong economic growth. The goal of the Conference is to help social investors to assess the opportunities and challenges in the region and increase the much-needed flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to the social sector in Asia.

Read the report: Driving ESG Investing in Asia – The Imperative for Growth.


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