MTR Strengthens Cleaning of Kwai Fong and Tai Koo Stations

Safety of passengers and MTR staff is the top priority of the MTR Corporation. In view of the use of tear gas in Kwai Fong Station (“KWF”) and near an exit of Tai Koo Station (“TAK”) on 11 August 2019, the Corporation understands the public’s concerns and has been carrying out intensive cleaning at these two stations since the incidents took place. For prudence, the Corporation is also seeking advice from different professionals and making reference to the practice of overseas railway operators with the aim of providing safe station environments.

During the incident at KWF, station evacuation was carried out having regard to the safety of passengers and station staff. The ventilation system of the station continuously discharged the air inside the station c oncourse to achieve the dilution effect and replaced it with fresh air from outside the station. Early closure of KWF was arranged that evening followed by intensive cleaning with additional manpower. Cleaning of the station was strengthened including clea ning facilities that are frequently used by passengers such as escalators, entry/exit gates, lifts and ticket issuing machines. Cleaning of the station’s fans and ventilation facilities was also enhanced.

In regards to TAK, police had fired tear gas near Entrance/exit C of the station. The ventilation system of the station was immediately activated to enhance air flow and prevent the gas from affecting passengers and MTR staff. Intensive cleaning was also carried out at TAK after service hours on that night especially in the area near Entrance/exit C. Maintenance staff have also replaced the filters of the air conditioning system of the station.

Making reference to the experience of overseas railway operators which had handled similar incidents , t he Corporation has been carrying out i ntensive cleaning using water and liquid soap at the relevant stations after service hours every night this week. According to the advice of the relevant professionals that the Corporation h as talked to, they are of the view that the measures adopted by the Corporation are appropriate. Nevertheless, the Corporation will continue to stay in touch with relevant professionals and various government departments to see if any other further follow up action is required to enhance assurance for our passengers and staff.


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