Lenovo Recognized Among Top Companies Going Green in China for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Innovation

In July 2019, the Chinese government released a set of green manufacturing honorees, featuring 21 factories, eight design products, one park, and nine supply chain management enterprises in Beijing, China. Lenovo’s ThinkPad L480, Zhaoyang K43c-80, PC Qitian M520 and M425 series won half of the eight green product honors, and Lenovo was also recognized as a green supply chain enterprise. 

This appraisal spotlights China’s advanced green manufacturing enterprises and encourages sustainable development. 

On top of meeting strict qualifying conditions, enterprises need to first conduct a rigorous self-assessment. Then a selected professional third-party agency conducts field evaluation. In addition, the appraisal requires expert argumentation and market research of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology on six major indicators such as management systems, products, environmental emissions, and nearly a hundred secondary indicators. In total, companies complete over 500 evaluation criteria, a 500-page self-assessment report, and a 700-page third-party evaluation report. 

The company has been implementing a sustainable development strategy and making social responsibility a driving force for enterprise development. 

Lenovo continues to invest in green manufacturing by making and promoting energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and technologies, promoting clean energy, recycling electronic wastes, and supporting green development in more industries and fields. Since 2010, Lenovo has achieved a 32% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. About 10%-17% consumer recycled plastics are used in Lenovo’s high-end server products. Package weights are reduced by innovative packaging materials based on biotechnology (such as bamboo and bagasse), thereby cutting waste discharges, carbon emissions, and transportation costs. 

In the future, the corporation pledges to continue to comprehensively explore new technologies and solutions, give full play to its technological innovation advantages as a high-tech Internet company, and promote the sustainable development of global green manufacturing.


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