HSI Launched ESG Indexes

Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited launched the HSI ESG Index and the HSCEI ESG index, in which it expands its portfolio of benchmarks for investors interested in socially responsible investment strategies. Also, the company added the Hang Seng Stock Connect Greater Bay Area Innovation Top 50 Index to its Hang Seng Stock Connect Greater Bay Area Index Series.

Different constituent weightings are used in the HSI ESG Index and the HSCEI ESG Index, The weightings of each constituent in the new indexes are adjusted to its environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) score accordingly. Companies with a higher ESG score would be awarded with a higher weighting in the new indices, and vice versa. Thus, the overall ESG score of each of these two new indexes will be higher than that of their respective base index. Constituents’ ESG scores are based on the sustainability assessments undertaken by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), an independent and professional assessment body, using its proprietary sustainability assessment and rating framework. The corresponding assessment would include the examination of core ESG performance indicators. 

Mr. Vincent Kwan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited, said “ESG Investing is continuing to gain momentum in market around the world. Our new HSI ESG Index and HSCEI ESG Index provides bases for product issuers to develop investment products linked to the portfolios of our flagship indexes but with a greater emphasis on ESG.”

He added that, “In addition to the launch of these new ESG indexes, we have also expanded our Hang Seng stock Connect Greater Bay Area Index Series with the launch of the Hang Seng sock Connect Greater Bay Area Innovation Top 50 Index. We already provide the most comprehensive index series measuring various performance aspects of companies operating in the economically dynamic Greater Bay Area. The launch of this latest index further reinforces our reputation for acting swiftly to meet the new needs and interests of investors.” 

The Hang Seng Stock Connect Greater Bay Area Innovation Top 50 Index is a cross-market index categorised as a Factor & Strategy index. This latest addition to the Hang Seng Stock Connect Greater Bay Area Index Series selects the top 50 stocks with relatively higher research & development investment and stronger growth performance in certain selected industries. It is the 19thindex in the Greater Bay Area Series. 

The three new indexes are calculated and disseminated in real-time at two-second intervals. 


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