Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards 2019 Winners Series – Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited

The Grand Award for the Best ESG Report (Small-cap) of the Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards 2019 was awarded to Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited. We are honored to invite the company to share some of its sustainability initiatives and how do they echo back to its sustainability strategy.

Q: Please introduce your company’s achievements on sustainability during the year.

A: As a leading food and beverage brand in Hong Kong and a responsible citizen, Hung Fook Tong (“HFT”) is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development as well as contributes to the advancement of society.

In an effort to address the serious landfill problem in Hong Kong, the Group continues to manage food wastes by multiple approaches including donation to food banks and food waste recycling. For residual food waste at Hong Kong factory, such as eggshells and unwanted soup ingredients, are collected by a qualified recycling firm on a daily basis, which are either turned into animal feeds or processed at the Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 1 at Siu Ho Wan.

Also, in response to the raising concerns about the impact of plastics on the environment, we have made commitments to reduce or recycle plastic waste, for example, we have sought to wean customers off of single-use plastic items by joining the “No Straw Campaign” and partnered with different organisations in exploring green campaigns with an aim to engage customers in plastic recycling.

To cut down paper usage over the long term and promote paperless transaction, the Group has been actively promoting the use of digital membership cards and electronic coupons.

HFT’s continuing efforts in sustainability have also received external recognition. Further details and other ESG highlights are available from the Group’s 2018 ESG Report.

Q: Please share with us your company’s sustainability strategy. How does your company integrate its sustainability vision into the business strategy/operation?

A: Standing by the motto of “Naturally Made, Wholeheartedly Good”, HFT has dedicated itself to promoting a modern concept of wellness through our rich product offerings and strived to increase its transparency and report on our performance more comprehensively.

Putting sustainability at the heart of decision making, the Group focused its sustainability efforts on effective use of resources, employee health and safety, product responsibility and anticorruption. Our efforts to improve the wellbeing of the communities we serve, the environment and people have received widespread recognition.

Q: What is the prevailing ESG challenge facing your company or your industry? Any advice on how the challenge mentioned can be dealt with?

A: HFT continues to see an increasing interest from our stakeholders and the society on issues commonly faced by our company and our industry, which include food safety and environmental matters such as climate change and pollution.

We are especially aware of the increasing concerns on municipal solid waste management including the recycling of plastic materials. With plastic being one of our key packaging materials, the Group has been exploring alternatives to minimize the use of plastic for product packaging and has continued its support to a number of plastic bottles recycling machines across Hong Kong. A series of plastic waste reduction initiatives, such as “No Straw Campaign”, have also been implemented at the shops since June 2018.

Continuous efforts are also placed on exploring possibilities of expanding our resources recycling initiatives including plastic recycling. In the second half of 2019, the Group will also cooperate with V Cycle, a plastic recycling organization, to launch a trial plastic recycling programme and collect cleaned plastic bottles at selected HFT shops.

HFT sponsored discount coupons for recycling machines in Hong Kong and supported the No Straw Campaign.

Q: How do you think the company can bring a positive impact to the industry regarding sustainable development?

A: HFT believes that sustainability can only be achieved through concerted efforts. Therefore, the Group actively solicits the support of its supply chain partners in raising the overall environmental and social performances of the industry. In the long run, the Group will continue to adopt more ambitious sustainability measures and bring forward changes in the industry through leveraging its leadership as well as promote values of sustainability to its partners.

Q: What does sustainability mean to the company? What is the company’s future plans/goals regarding sustainable development?

A: Sustainability hinges on re-establishing the lost link between humans and nature. Our products, made with natural ingredients, serve this purpose. Our pursuit of sustainability as a responsible corporate citizen continues to drive us through upholding the highest product quality. Positioning itself as a sustainability leader, the Group will dedicate more resources to manage and coordinate its sustainability efforts more efficiently.

Looking forward, we will continue to press on with our waste reduction and recycling initiatives with close communication with our customers and stakeholders, thus creating value for all stakeholders in the long run.


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